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Friday 14/9 06.00-08.00 hip opening ws

Saturday 15/9 09.00-11.00 arm balance ws

Saturday 15/9 12.00-14.00 breathe your way to health

Saturday 15/9 15.00-17.00 backhanding ws

Sunday 16/9 09.00-11.00 guided ashtanga primary

Sunday 16/9 12.00-14.00 conscious nutrition & biohacking

PRICE: full ws 220€ ( single ws 40€ )

PLACE: LilaLotus, Birger Jarlsgatan 93




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pdf: Graeme and Leonie Northfield 2018



Graeme & Leonie Northfield are coming Scandinavia for their second time to hold workshops in

Stockholm 28/4 – 1/5 2018

there will be morning meditation, informative led classes, afternoon focus workshops and morning self-practice

for more info/registration contact Cecilia;



Categories: Nyheter & Inspiration